Chess: Scholar’s Mate

The scholar’s mate is a game of just 4 moves.
1.e4 , e5 2. Qh5 , Nc6 3. Bc4 , Nf6 4. Qxf7++ , 1-0

Another variation, which happened in a real game that I was witness too (and .. participant as well ..) went like this:

1. e4 – e5

2. Bc4 – a6

3. Qf3 – b5??

4. Qxf7++ 1-0

Of course at any level from Intermediate and above both “Qh5” and “Qf3” are pretty bad move for White as the Queen will be an easy target of attack from minor pieces and will have to return back to base giving up a lot of tempo.

The coolest thing about this little trap is how it befuddles the victim .. that is of course unless you are the one! I had the unfortunate luck of being at the receiving end of this embarrassing checkmate in an actual tournament back in middle school. Trust me .. its not fun when you are the losing side .. LOL!


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