Who Plays Tennis This Late in Fall?

[NOTE: This post was a while back when I first started playing tennis.]

The answer to the title question is – newbies like me! Barely in my second season of tennis leagues, I decided to play in 3 tournaments. The mens’ doubles and mixed doubles’ went alright although we were well into mid-November chilling evenings and sometimes rainy mornings for the season to wrap up. But worst was the mens’ singles. By match 6 I was in the middle of moving to a new place and had hurt my feet. My 2-level higher opponent just toyed around with me, placing the ball where I’ll have to run to get it. By game 7 I’ve been out of practice for weeks and well into cold weather of December. The first set was competetive. But by second set I’ve developed a neck pain. I wouldn’t give up, having led 3-0 at one point, until a electrifying pain on my right shoulder made me shout in pain. The score had slided down to 3-4 by then. That was the end of the match and the season for me!

For a while I was feeling like Seymore Hauffman in “The Savages” or the way C3PO moves his neck in Star Wars. Thanks to some useful pain killers and massage therapy by my mixed doubels’ partner (my wife) looks like I’ll be able to get back to the court next season. But I’ve made up my mind to not play singles leagues in Fall anymore.


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