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Review: Sherlock Holmes (2009)

[Note: This was a review from a while back in my Facebook page. Hopefully more reviews will be in my blogsite soon!]

Here is my take on the movie “Sherlock Holmes” (2009) less than an hour after watching it in the movie theater. The movie was pretty exciting. Those who are well-versed in Sherlockian literature will be able to follow most of the events and will notice reference to lot of existing characters from the original series of books. For those new to Holmes this may look like more action than expected but I found it very well crafted in mixing the authenticity of a 19th century series with events made for a 21st century action loving audience. Anyway, enough with the summary stuff. On with the movie.

This is a new Sherlock Holmes story but do have references to some of the original works. It is set after “Sign Of Four” and “A Case in Bohemia” and before Watson gets married to Mary Mortsan. Robert Downey does a great job as Holmes. We get to see some of the boxing and shootout scenes mentioned so many times in the original books but hardly ever seen in the movies or TV-series before. Compared to the BBC series from the ’80s (starring Jeremy Brett) we see less of the deduction/investigating techniques but when they do occur they are shown in great details and with lot of wits. Jude Law is great as Watson and for the first time I feel the movie does justice to the biographer/doctor by not making him a bumbling sidekick. The only “flaw” i felt was the portrayal of Mary Morstan (Watson’s finance at the time). She was a client of Holmes from “The Sign Of Four” I believe, and quiet a remarkable lady as Holmes himself mentioned. But in this new adaption she is shown merely as a love interest of Watson and has a bit of one-dimensional character. Irene Adler’s character also maybe considered a bit over-the-top (she is almost made a super-woman with all sorts of martial arts abilities!). But since she did in-fact outwit Holmes once and was a very intelligent woman, I guess her new persona is bearable.

The story is about one Lord Blackwood and does involve several seemingly super-natural incidents which almost made me cringe thinking they are going to make Holmes a believe in the occult. Thankfully my hero comes through with logic and deduction which wins the day. There is a lot of scope for a sequel. Professor Moriarty has an important part in the story! I sincerely hope they make more of these new adaptations. I would also love to see a re-make of “Hound of the Baskerville” with this new cast.

My Grade: B+